Raffaella Nori

Principal investigator

Keywords: virtual reality, individual differences, sense of direction, wayfinding, working memory, web search, mental imagery, episodic memory, witness, embodied cognition

email: raffaella.nori@unibo.it

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Raffaella Nori is Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Bologna (Bologna, Italy).


Her research explores spatial cognition in healthy populations focusing on effects of individual differences in performing navigational tasks. Specifically, she investigates episodic and topographic memory, environmental representation, working-memory, decision-making, witness, travel planning and navigational strategies even in on line navigation. Her research team use several methods including, cognitive tasks, virtual reality and eye-tracker to better understand cognitive processes in investigated.

Her postdoctoral studies were conducted at the University of Bologna in the research groups of Fiorella Giusberti. She runs as group leader the Space and Virtual Reality lab and recently of the Forensic Lab.

She is member of several scientific societies in the field of General Psychology.

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