The Contribution of Internal and External Factors to Human Spatial Navigation
Betting on Your Feelings: The Interplay between Emotion and Cognition in Gambling Affective Task
The prevention of road accidents in non-expert drivers: Exploring the influence of Theory of Mind and driving style
The Role of Sounds and Music in Emotion and Cognition
Application of Virtual Reality in Spatial Memory
Use of default option nudge and individual differences in everyday life decisions.
Neural networks underlying visual illusions: Anactivation likelihood estimation meta-analysis
Environmental cognitive load and spatial anxiety: What matters in navigation?
Where Am I? Searching for the Tangle in the Developmental Topographical Disorientation
The Effect of Sadness on Visual Artistic Creativity in Non-Artists
The Contribution of Cognitive Factors to Compulsive Buying Behaviour: Insights from Shopping Habit Changes during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Divergent thinking in Italian elementary school children: the key role of probabilistic reasoning style
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