The Role of Sounds and Music in Emotion and Cognition

It is now online The editorial: The Role of Sounds and Music in Emotion and Cognition by Laura Piccardi, Massimiliano Palmiero, and Raffaella Nori published in Brain Sciences.

The editorial introduces a research topic that explores how natural and man-made sounds, including music, affect our emotions and cognitive abilities, such as attention, memory, problem-solving, decision-making, and creativity. It includes five Articles and one Review. Three studies focus on the performance of cognitive tasks by musicians and nonmusicians, particularly in working memory, creative thinking, and vocal processing. The remaining contributions specifically explored how music can influence mood and, in turn, enhance performance. These contributions were tailored towards engaging nonexperts rather than experts. The Review focused on music's neurological and psychological effects and emphasized the clinical significance of music-based therapies. The aim of this research topic is to highlight the authors' contributions in demonstrating the positive effects of music on cognitive performance and mood regulation. Whether it be through playing an instrument or simply listening to music, these benefits apply to individuals of all expertise levels and mental health statuses.

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